It’s simply to install WordPress on your local server.The following Step are following to install WordPress on your local server.

  1. Download the WordPress.
  2. Download Xampp or Wamp Server
  3. Keep files of wordpress into Xampp htdocs
  4. Start Xampp(Appache and mySql)
  5. Create a Database from phpmyadmin
  6. Accsess by “localhost” the wordpress
  7. Installed wordpress.

1. Download the WordPress.

Download the WordPress the link is given below:



2. Download the Xampp or Wamp Server

Download the Xampp or Wamp server according to your system specification the link is given below:

After download the Xampp any directory into your drive.


Select all components manually if they dn’t selected automatically

Create the folder as “mentioned XAMPP”  and select path in it

After select the langugae.Select Next and wait.It will be ready to install wait maximum 2-3 mintues 

3. Keep files of wordpress into Xampp htdocs

After Intalled the Xampp.You have to keeps wordpress files into htdocs with your project name e.g “my-project” folder  and htdocs present,where was your installation path it helps to access wordpress locally from your computer.


3. Start Xampp (Apache and mysql)

After keep files into xampp > htdocs folder starts the Xampp



4. Create a Database from phpmyadmin

Enter URL


Which help to accsess the php my admin which is help to create a database for your wordpress site.

After creating database save the name of the database into notepad files

create database depend on the projects 

5. Accsess by “localhost” the wordpress

Now Accsess the wordpress 

Enter URL

e.g (localhost/blogtest)

Enter the credientials 

Database Name :   test-123

Note: Enter your database name as your created 

User :   root

Note: User always keep “root”

Password:   blank

Database Host:   localhost

Table Prefix :   wp_

Enter some  information about login credential

Hurrah ! You Have Intalled WOrdpress Sucessfully


If you facing problem during installing wordpress you can comment